CBC Leadership


CBC UK is grateful for the support of our patrons, Baroness Cox of Queensbury and Lord Alton of Liverpool.


Currently CBC UK has four trustees, Rev Jonathan Alderton-Ford, Donald Burling, Chris Cole and Olave Snelling (Chairperson).

Olave Snelling (Chairperson)

Olave Snelling has a work history as a TV/ Radio producer, but has many years of experience in Christian Media as well as secular media. She is involved in many Christian organisations and projects as advisor and friend. Having worked on four continents in print journalism, TV, radio and film, as chairperson of the Christian Broadcasting Council her prayer and passion is to contribute to the proclamation of the Gospel to the nations.

Donald Burling

Born 1932, lived in the Greater London area all his life. He worked in local authority accounts until early retirement in 1988. He was brought up with Exclusive Brethren, and has had various church involvements since including Pentecostal. He is currently a member of Acton Hill Church (Methodist/URC). Donald is member of the Prison Fellowship, for several years visited Feltham Young Offenders Institution with a Chaplain’s team. He is an active member of the Conservative Party and the Conservative Christian Fellowship. Donald is the author of book “Brain-Storm” on current affairs, also of a number of “Sermons in Song“.

Chris Cole

Chris Cole (FRSA) founded Cross Rhythms in 1983 along with his wife Kerry, and they established Cornerstone House & Marketing in 1985. He was appointed to the board of Gilead Foundations in 1991. In the ’90’s Chris acted as Executive Director and Trustee at United Christian Broadcasters, and was the UK & Ireland Regional Director of GOD TV. He remains a trustee of GOD TV and is now focused on developing the strategy of the ‘Word in Action’ collaboration of Cross Rhythms, Cornerstone and Gilead.  

Rev Jonathan Alderton Ford 

Executive Committee

Luke English (Chairperson)

Luke English has over 20 years experience in the media industry working with independent companies, artists and many well known organisations including the BBC, PIAS, Sony Music and Walt Disney Television. His business, Luke English Media Law Limited specialises in media, tech and commercial law. He is a member of the Christian Lawyers Fellowship. Luke lives in Bournemouth

The CBC trustees are in the early stages of putting a team of people together from in or around the media industry to support and pray into reviving the vision of the organisation as well as strategising new ways to serve. If you are interested please contact Luke English directly.

Other members of the new executive committee include:

  • Jonathan Bellamy
  • Al Gibson
  • Graeme Spencer
  • Rory Springthorpe
  • Sally
  • Peter Wooding