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God On Every Screen media seminar heads to Glasgow on April 12-13, 2024!

God On Every Screen media seminar heads to Glasgow on April 12-13, 2024!

Matchstick Media International, a leading organiser of impactful media events, proudly announces the GOD ON EVERY SCREEN SEMINAR, a two-day in person media event tailored for faith-based ministries, churches, universities, and creatives. This unique event is scheduled to take place on Friday and Saturday, April 12-13, at the historic TRON… Read more »

‘Christianity is still the greatest hope’ – a response to disappointing Census 2021 from the C of E

Published in November 2022 by the Office of National Statistics, the Census 2021 statistics show a significant drop over the past decade in the number of people in the UK identifying as Christian. This represents a major challenge of the Body of Christ in this nation. However this does not… Read more »

3 essential steps to growing the media vision for your church

In todays’ media driven world it’s crucial to have an ongoing media vision for your church. Graeme Spencer shares three essential steps to help church leaders and their tech teams to achieve this. Set aside a day and host a ‘Media Review and Vision Day’ and follow this simple three-pronged… Read more »

CBC returns with a comprehensive listing of UK Christian Broadcasters

It’s amazing how many UK Christian broadcasters there are today, given that Christian television in Great Britain only extends back some 30 years. We have seen the amazing growth of Christian media in the broadcast industry over the past two decades and more recently the rise of the online church… Read more »

Does your church have a vision for media ministry? Now’s the time to start

Media ministry is an essential part of today’s church to ensure effective outreach. Graeme Spencer of Media Mentoring has been a pioneer in Christian media for over 25 years. He shares how it all starts with a vision. Having a vision for your media ministry is essential. It get’s everyone… Read more »