Howard Conder

Howard Conder is the founder of Revelation TV which he and his wife Lesley started in 1997 with the goal of spreading the Gospel through media. Also a music producer, his career started as a professional drummer at the age of 16, playing with top British bands. He was then affectionately known as Howie.

Under Howard’s leadership, Revelation has grown to become one of the largest Christian television networks in Europe offering s variety of programming, including live broadcasts of church services, Bible studies, talk shows, music videos, and documentaries.

Howard has a natural talent for engaging with audiences and has been praised for his ability to communicate the message of Christ in a compelling and relatable way.  He presents several series on Revelation including Revelation Mornings, Time For Revelation, and The Late Show.

In 2002 Howard was the mastermind behind the Quote Jesus campaign on London buses.

His life story is told in the biography, Hey Howie: Time for Revelation by Gordon Pettie. You can also watch his Life Stories.

Through his diverse endeavours, Howard  continues to inspire and encourage others to seek a deeper relationship with God.




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