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Christians in Politics is a non-profit, non-partisan UK organisation dedicated to empowering Christians in the United Kingdom to actively engage in the political arena. Committed to promoting Christian values and principles, the organisation aims to bridge the gap between faith and politics, seeking to make a positive impact on society. Through education, advocacy, leadership development, and grassroots mobilisation, Christians in Politics equips individuals with the necessary tools and knowledge to participate in political discourse, shape public policies, and contribute to the governance of the nation.

Christians in Politics UK conducts educational initiatives such as seminars, workshops, and online resources, with a focus on enhancing political literacy among Christians. The organisation encourages active engagement in public policy discussions, providing platforms for Christians to voice their concerns and advocate for policies aligned with their faith-based convictions. By offering mentorship programs, leadership development opportunities, and networking platforms, Christians in Politics nurtures emerging Christian leaders, equipping them to serve as transformative agents in politics.

Through research and policy analysis, Christians in Politics  provides evidence-based insights on issues of importance to Christians in the UK, informing both Christians and policymakers. The organisation also mobilises grassroots movements, collaborates with partners, and engages internationally to amplify their impact and contribute to the development of a society where Christian values are respected and integrated into governance. Christians in Politics is dedicated to fostering a generation of Christian leaders who will bring about positive change, embodying justice, compassion, and righteousness in the political landscape of the United Kingdom.

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